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Different Strokes - Syl Johnson

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Different Strokes

by Syl Johnson
album Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology

Hey @kanyewest & @JayZ, thanks for illegally sampling Syl Johnson on “The Joy” and then crediting us(?). Have your lawyers call our lawyer.

-Numero Group

Last week the Chicago based archival record label Numero Group caught a lot of attention on twitter. They publicly called out Kanye and Jay-Z after learning they commercially released “The Joy” on the deluxe edition of Watch the Throne. The problem lies in the song containing an uncleared sample of Syl Johnson’s Different Strokes. It’ll be interesting seeing how this plays out being that Numero totally caught rap’s biggest with their pants down. Of course its neither Ye’s, J’s or even P. Rock who produced it’s fault. Just makes you think is Def Jam that arrogant or was the legal department just sleeping on the job?


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    From Wikipedia: “His style of production originally used pitched-up vocal samples from soul songs incorporated with his...
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    With Jay-Z I agree but not with Kanye
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    I never saw it titled including “(feat. Otis Redding)”. With all of Kanye’s and Jay-Z’s latest work, they keep on...
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